Financial Projections

ProjectionsSuccessful growth requires a clear vision of what your business will look like in a year, three years, or even five years. Lavin Group has the tools and experience to provide that financial outlook. Viewing company financials provides a perspective on what has happened in the past.  To achieve your goals for growth you must be able to look forward .  You must see, anticipate, and evaluate potential opportunities and unknown threats.  Sound financial projections can determine the financial impact of pending business decisions and forecast possible cash short falls to identify when can how much capital is needed to achieve your goals. We use tools to help companies visualize their future.  We perform sensitivity analysis that vary key assumptions t determine possible downside or upside of your model.


How a Projection Works

  • We identify key business drivers
  • We develop revenue projections customized for your business
  • We create projected monthly and annual P&Ls, balance sheets and cash flows
  • We perform sensitivity analysis showing changes in pricing, sales volumes, staffing, operating costs and other key assumptions
  • Cash needs and expected timing are quantified