Cash Management

Regardless of your business, smart cash management is key to success. To ensure your business has the funds it needs you need the experience and expertise Lavin Group offers.


CashWe often hear the phrase ‘Cash is King’.  The ability to effectively manage the cash flow or your business is a key determination in the success of your business.

We work alongside our clients to ensure that they understand the cash flows of their business. We provide the tools and expertise to make sure they have the cash they need so they can focus on the growth and prosperity of their business.

Whether you are a start-up and need a clear picture of what the next six to twelve weeks look like or an established organization looking to plan the cash outlays for capital improvements, Lavin Group can help get you there. The projection models we use are simple enough to give you a clear picture of inflows from sales, borrowings, capital injections and other sources, as well as outlays for payroll, operating costs and capital improvements.

We will take the time to learn and understand your business to help ensure that you have the funds on hand when you need it.

What We Do

  • We develop projections that anticipate funding needs and address potential problems before they arise
  • We recognize opportunities for accelerating collections
  • We prioritize payments to maximize available cash
  • We identify external funding sources if the need arises

If Cash flow is an area of your business that could use some improvement please contact us.