Who We Help:  Manufacturing Companies

In manufacturing organizations, understanding the key cost components of your products is vital to the profitability of your business. Lavin Group has the experience and insight necessary to help your company analyze the various components of your products bill of materials to try and maximize profits. Investments in inventory and fixed assets are typically sizable; therefore, an understanding of your return on investment needs to be adequate enough to support the capital structure or bank financing. Partnering with Lavin Group will provide your business with a CFO with the experience it takes to help your business run more efficiently. We will analyze your current systems and procedures to see in what areas we can make improvements to directly improve the bottom line both from a revenue standpoint as well as a cost standpoint.


-How we help-

  • Inventory – what changes can be made to effectively manage inventory
  • Increase Prices – have your products been appropriately priced and could we increase them
  • Direct Costs – can we negotiate better prices, do we have the right suppliers
  • New Markets – Are there new markets that we could serve to increase sales
  • Indirect Costs – can we reduce waste by better training our employees

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